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He has so many ing wild series, including llamas with hats, shadowstone park, and detective heart of america. Help charlie find love and escape the mysterious love temple in which he has been imprisoned. We are still in need of lots of content and could do with your help. Despite not wanting to, charlie the unicorn goes with 2 other unicorns to find the magical candy mountain until finding out that it was a trap. Charlie s friends return to bring him on another magical adventure.

Charlie the unicorn 2 is a video created by jason steele. Charlie the unicorn is a 2005 flash animated comedy short film and viral video created by jason steele of independent film company filmcow in orlando, florida. Charlie the unicorn 2 filmcow wiki fandom powered by wikia. You can help by contributing new content such as videos, pictures, and articles about filmcow. Jan 07, 2020 charlie the unicorn 2 spanish translation. The cast of charlie the unicorn also appeared on may 23, 2008, in the music video for weezers single pork and beans. It is about the life of charlie, a lethargic unicorn who is forced to go on a weird adventure with two other unicorns one blue, one pink, both strange. Summary in this episode, charlie is watching tv on a television when the pink unicorn and the blue unicorn come in floating in the sky wearing scuba gear. Ive been creating short videos and animations for the internet since the early 2000s.

It is the second instalment of the charlie the unicorn series and it centres around charlie once again being requested by blue and pink to go on an adventure with them, this time to return a magic amulet to the banana king. Charlies friends return to bring him on another magical adventure. This episode features charlie and his two pink and blue unicorn companions as they search for the banana king to give him a magical amulet. My name is jason steele and ive been making inane videos and other things on the internet for over ten years. Charlie is seen watching television with his stuff. You can help charlie the unicorn wiki by expanding it.

Charlie and friends go to the mysterious candy mountain. Go on magical dates with various characters from the charlie the unicorn series. This wiki is an encyclopedic wiki for all things filmcow and filmcow related. The spanish part has subtitles all credit goes to for all of their work on this filmcow think of. Lost in dreamspace an illustrated sideadventure that takes place a little while after the end of charlie the unicorn 2. Overall, the videos of jason steele give you memorable comedy. That i do believe was the most nauseating part of the religious experience. Videos and animations delivered right to your internet via beautiful carrier swan.

Apparently, something very, very bad happens if you talk to the weasel who later turns out to be blue. This is so funny the first one was stupit, but this one is much better. See more ideas about principles of animation, llamas with hats and charlie the unicorn. The movies can be found on youtube, and are extremely funny. Dec 21, 2008 on april 14th, 2008, filmcow uploaded a sequel titled charlie the unicorn 2 to youtube, where it has gathered 45,175,000 views and 94,000 comments as of february 28th, 2016. May 20, 2008 on charlie the unicorn 2 on youtube and filmcow, does anyone have a site with the script. There has been 4 episodes in the series so far, and the second episode is their most viewed video.

Here is the complete script to charlie the unicorn 2. A game titled charlie the unicorn dating simulator and a storybook titled charlie the unicorn. They made their rise to fame due to the video charlie the unicorn, which is considered their most popular series. Episodes 24 each took around three months to create, and the finale is as. The weasel was a creature born 10,000 years from now, and is revealed to be blue. My videos are always free, and i would like to continue making free videos until time itself has become meaningless and all that is left. Charlie the unicorn 2 with subtitles in spanish part only. Related information for charlie the unicorn its a flash movie, created by jason steele, with 4 episodes, theres a song in every episode, which can be downloaded of the website the unicorn even has his own official store at filmcow. In 2009, time named charlie the unicorn number 49 in their list of youtubes 50 best videos, stating charlie the unicorn proves that something doesnt have to make any sense at all to earn a cultlike following. Filmcow, the source of great things such as charlie the unicorn, llamas with hats, marshmallow people, and the democratic republic of press j to jump to the feed. Follow along as charlie and his blue and pink unicorn friends journey to stop the grayness and save the poor, suffering dream creatures from a terrible. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Oct 19, 2010 now youve done it youre going to have to start selling charlie teh unicron stuff along with charlie the unicorn. Also they say suicides increase around christmas time. Filmcow is an online video company started by jason steele, creator of the wellknown animations charlie the unicorn and llamas with hats. The filmcow videos offer no gimmicks and do not pander themselves to lowest demographic. Filmcow formerly secretagentbob is an american youtube sketch channel that does animation, and live action puppets and acting. The company creates goofy animations and merchandise featuring the animations. Get the latest version of flash player to see this player. Charlie tries to escape the reality of his life by moving away. Jun 12, 2008 1and1 dynamic cloud server at amazingly low prices. See more ideas about charlie the unicorn, llamas with hats and lamas with hats. Lost in dream space were released by steele in 2016. Jul 15, 2019 charlie the unicorn 2 with subtitles in spanish part only. A green sluglike creature resembling santa claus pops out of nowhere, smiling. Charlie the unicorn 2 charlie goes to candy mountain youtube.

Charlie the unicorn is a web animation created by jason steele, who works at filmcow. Currently i create and release animations through my youtube channel. The short follows charlie, a lethargic unicorn, who is taken by two other unicorns on an adventure to the mythical candy mountain. Suddenly a vortex opens on charlie s back and the pink and blue unicorns are pulled into it. Charlie the unicorn finds himself in the magical world of dreamspace, a mysterious realm that is being corrupted by something called the grayness.

Charlie is watching television in his meadow while lying on a carpet. If any of you havent you need to check out filmcow, the dude who made charlie the unicorn. Filmcow is creating animations and other things patreon. Charlie the unicorn 2 is the second installment to the charlie the unicorn series created by jason steele. Nov 26, 2005 enjoy as charlie the unicorn gets a surprise visit. Sep, 2016 i personally think that the filmcow videos are the funniest videos in youtubes history. I will create, and then upload to the filmcow youtube channel 1. This episode features charlie and his two pink and blue. Be sure to check out the charlie the unicorn store. In the video, charlie and friends go to deliver an amulet to the banana king shown below, left. The pink and blue unicorns then appear above him, equipped with scuba gear and apparently.

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